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Why this site?

Having spent many years researching both my paternal and maternal family lines, it seemed a shame to simply have it laying on shelves in the family home.

Following the lead from my husband who wrote a book on his family line(s) I decided to do likewise. The outcome is two separate volumes, one that has already been published and the other in the process thereof.

I was amazed at the great reaction from my many relations when the first volume was released. Some had no idea that they were related to others and found the stories about different parts of the family quite fascinating.

I now venture into the wider world in the hope that somewhere there may be someone who recognises that they are from the same family and may contact me to form a new link in the chain.


This site encompasses the many branches of my family  and includes data relating to my husband. It has around 2900 individuals and over 1000 families within it. In addition to an alphabetical listing of individuals therein, I have tried to give a more personal account of the lives of some of the more significant characters.

I trust that if you find a common person of interest or significance in your family tree and it looks like it may “fit” with the information here – please contact me to enhance both aspects of our knowledge of who came before us  . . !

Many thanks

Kay Francis      2011

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