Temple Book

It came to pass that early in the 21st century, a decision was made to correlate and compile all the research that I had done into book form.

Using the genealogy program “Legacy 7″ I was able to convert all the generations of people and the notes I had compiled for each person into a file acceptable to Microsoft Word.  Having done that, it was then a matter of inserting the photos I wished to include – in the appropriate places- as well as descendant charts, birth, death and marriage certificates and other visual images that were relevant.

The result is a volume of A4 page size, produced in either black and white or colour that contains 225 pages with 13 descendant charts, 279 colour photos, 107 black and white with 7 excel charts for details of personnel involved in the 2 World Wars and the Vietnam war, as well as records of all known cemetery/ burial details.

Updates not included in the book can be found by clicking the link below:
Update as of August 2011.

Here is a picture of this volume.

The Triumphs and Trials of the Temple Family

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