I love hearing from visitors to my website. If you think we might be related, it would be great if we could correspond. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page – . Comments will appear once they have been approved.

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  1. Sue says:

    Hi there, the site is looking great, keep up the good work!

  2. Trevor says:

    Gosh Trevor.
    You are clever – - just keep asking Sue keep up the tuition and you will soon be able to do look after this site – almost by yourself

  3. Nicky says:

    Wow, I thought the book looked like a lot of work, this is almost as impressive! Congratulations! xx

  4. I am a relative on the Temple side. Gonna check out your site some more. Thanks Robin

  5. Barry says:

    Looks great. Obviously a lot of work and outstanding finish. Would be good to type a name in the search function to locate detailed results.

  6. marie lock nee francis says:

    very interesting resurching my family not much known about francis family but possible relation to you the 3 unmarked graves in the Orr Cem are known relatives of my gfather Edgar Willis Francis 2 bro 1 sis. . died walloway sa.1 was still born.Florence Mable francis died 9mth 12/10/1885-31/7/1886. William Arthur Francis died 1 mth 22/5/1887-2/6/1887.
    Jeremiah’s brother died aged 14 T Francis died 13 jun 1883 aged 14 and is recorded on orr council records.note you have thomas francis died walloway 13 jun 1883 also age 13.
    my ggfather was Jeremiah Nicholas Francis b c1858 d24/6/1948 who’s father was James Francis born c 1835 your James francis was born 1834.
    Jeremiah married Alice Jane Townsend in 28/5/1882 they were involved in the christian bible church and we the first couple married in the new church building services were previously held in her fathers home. this church later became Methodist. Orroroo was refered to back then as Walloway as is it was in the Hundred of Walloway. No rcord was keep of my James Francis as to parents or siblings. Jeremiah siblings were never recored but he did meet one at the train station in orroroo possibly also known as ‘James’. Jeremiah had 3 serviving children and many decendants. alot still living and owning land in the Orrorro and Walloway Districts. We would love it if we can find the missing family ancerstors. marie lock .au

  7. Paul Temple says:

    Was very interested to look at your findings on the Temple family, and having done some research myself (albeit not as thorough as I would like), I am unsure if there is a connection between our namesakes. However if you ancestors were half as slippery as mine appear to be by seemingly avoiding census form and electorial surveys, which I suspect got my lot through the first world war unscathed (because they were not called up) then you too have found this a difficult task!
    However I live in Kent, England, but my Temple origins are I believe in Oxford and Gloucestershire… Good luck with your continued search!

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