My Father’s Line

Dad’s family (i.e. the family of Henry Swift Temple – his dad) grew up within a very tight budget, because Henry Swift being prone to spurts (several days to more than a week long) of alcoholic binge drinking. Consequently Lottie his wife struggled to keep the family budget in the black – whilst bringing up 10 children. Henry was also quite a rogue and was quite “tricky” – so it was felt that he was “Swift” by name and “Swift” by nature.

There were several instances where their children would go to bed in one premise and awake in the morning in another. During the night Henry had “done a bunk” to avoid paying the rent on where they had been living. Many other instances of his slipperyness are recorded in my book, “The Trials and Tribulations of the Temple Family”.

Ken (my dad) and several of his brothers took part in World War II.  All survived – I presume (as it was not a topic for discussion) with varying degrees of after shocks and trauma. All served in various theatres of the war with off shore service by some.

All were raconteurs – and had the “gift of the gab”. They loved family get togethers and had a unified love of Australian Rules Football – (as it was then) – and were passionate followers of the Port Adelaide Football Club.

Family life was important and the brothers saw each other fairly regularly. Several were keen fishermen – (passed down from Henry Swift) and they fished off jetties, in boats and enjoyed trips to the River Murray.

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