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Special recognition and heartfelt thanks go to Tony Thompson of St. Peters, U.K., for so kindly doing the research of the English Temple History using the Archives of Canterbury Cathedral  during the years 2013-2015.

The Australian Temple family commences with William John Temple (b. 14.1.1812) who emigrated to Adelaide  in 1853. He was the eighth born (and third son) of 14 children, eight boys and six girls.  Arriving with his youngest brother Charles Francis Temple, they set up a successful Drapers business in Rundle St., Adelaide.

William was christened on 31.1.1812 in Fisher St., Stratford, St. Peter, Sandwich, Kent, U.K., and emigrated to Australia leaving Gravesend U.K. on 4.4.1853 and arriving at Port Adelaide four months later on 7.8.1853. His first marriage was to Jane Stanhope in U.K. on 12.9.1835 at St. Pancras, London.  Jane died in 1852 in West Ham District, U.K. There was no issue.

William then married Ellen Blatchford (born at Baddesly Farm, near Leamington, Hampshire U.K. c 1828,) on 12.7.1854 at St. John’s Church Adelaide S.A., by Rev. Bagshaw. Ellen died 24.3.1882 in Glenelg S.A. They had eight children, two of whom were stillborn. William died on 7.8.1881 in Glenelg S.A.

William is the direct descendant of Henry Temple of c 1660.

First known English generation

Henry Temple ( born circa 1660), married Elizabeth. Henry was a blacksmith. They had a son George  baptised on 17.10.1683 in Alton, Hampshire, U.K. George married Ann Sparrowfield and they had a son Henry Temple who was baptised on 28 November 1714 in Alton, Hampshire, U.K.

Henry married Jane Hills b. 1713 at St. Peter’s Church, Sandwich Kent U.K. on April 1738. She was buried at St. Clement’s Church, Sandwich, Kent U.K. on 26 July 1805. Henry and Jane had six children.

The easiest way to present the children of Henry c. 1660 is by a descendant chart. This following chart commences with Henry Temple (of 1660) and shows

1all the known descendants in U.K. and of the siblings who came to Australia.

If you wish to view this chart - click here: (The chart is 16 x A4 portrait pages long.)

Following William Henry’s arrival in Adelaide, and the setting up business, the family flourished, and in general, most descendants remain in South Australia.

For further information on the early English History,

see http://www.open-sandwich.co.uk/family_history/results.asp.

From this site, the inscription on Henry and Sarah’s headstone H287 Reads:

Grave stone of Sarah Temple of 1775
Grave stone of Sarah Temple of 1775     (Click image for larger picture)

As an aside, several more recent relatives have travelled to UK and Europe- stopping off at Canterbury Cathedral.  There, they were amazed to see images of previous Archbishops of Canterbury, (Archbishop William Temple and Archbishop Frederick Temple),  who looked very similar to Temple relatives living in Australia. .  .  Each can remember the “oldies” (i.e. those going back a generation or two) also referring to the fact that there were Archbishops in the family line.  Some referred to there being “blue blood” in the Temple clan.

I include a couple of images her to show the likeness.  But  .. again . . we are unable to prove this link to the Archbishops. It was referred by the older generations that there was a baby born “on the wrong side of the blanket” to William Temple.  Of course this cannot be proven.

Tom Temple

Arch-Bishop William Temple

These two have similar features!



Laurie Temple


Archbishop Frederick Temple

Anyhow, this is one of those little mysteries that may never be proved  . . .  but interesting.






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