In South Australia

William John TEMPLE came to South Australia from Sandwich in Kent in the early days of settlement. It is thought that he and his wife and family arrived on the “Buffalo” – but as full passenger lists are unavailable – this cannot be firmly established.

William John had 7 children. Of these only two had offspring that we have followed in any detail. One of these was William Blatchford TEMPLE – who had 5 children and Henry Swift TEMPLE who had 6 children.  The other 5 children of William John either died young or did not have offspring of their own.

Here is a descent chart showing the offspring of William John and his descendants.

Descendant Chart for William John TEMPLE of 1809

As can be seen, one of William John’s children, Henry Stephen Temple married Fannie Priscilla Hillier. Stephen and Fannie also had 6 children. The first born, Henry Swift TEMPLE had 10 children and it is mainly these children and their descendants that have been followed in the book “The Triumphs and Trials of the Temple Family”.

Descendants of Henry Swift TEMPLE

One of the children of Henry Swift TEMPLE was Kenneth Maxwell Temple, the father of the author.

Descendants of Kenneth Maxwell TEMPLE

For other family members, see the Surname section in Other Families.


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